04 June 2015


On the occasion of the World Environment Day, FCA – the Official Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015 – is organising a round table on the topic of “The Environment: driving change and innovation”. Speakers include experts from the environment and energy world and high-ranking academics. At this event, FCA is set to present its tablet and smartphone application dedicated to sustainability, the first in its kind for the automotive sector. It contains a fun game that measures the owner’s responsible use of our planet’s resources.

“The Environment: driving change and innovation” is the theme picked by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for the round table organised within Expo Milano 2015. The event is set to take place on 5th June, a symbolic day dedicated to the environment to reflect on the topics linked to our planet’s resources. This day should be an opportunity to illustrate how FCA has played its full part for the environment all around us for years. Indeed, sustainability has always been one of the company’s priorities. This is demonstrated by the large number of environmental awareness initiatives achieved in the company’s 165 factories across the world, the implementation of the highest production standards and the 3.7 billion Euros invested in research and development in 2014 alone. This is accompanied by a focus on combining accessibility and innovation in its products, as well as the initiatives linked to sustainable mobility and many others, in favour of the millions of stakeholders scattered across more than 150 countries world-wide. This widespread engagement is also testified by the acknowledgements received over the years from the most prestigious organisations and sustainability rating agencies. For the sixth year running, FCA has been confirmed in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World, as well as being once again among the leaders of the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) Italy 100 and in the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI).

The round table will be hosted at the Qatar Pavilion, which was selected due to its outdoor space, set out as an Oriental garden overlooking the decumanus – the long main boulevard inside Expo – and as such designed to afford maximum visibility. From 5:30 pm, the Oryx Theatre will offer Expo visitors the chance to take part in a discussion about the latest topics of debate among leading exponents. Speakers include Daniele Forni, representing the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy (FIRE); Katharina Luetkehermoeller from CDP, the non-government agency which has for the last 14 years worked in favour of an increasingly efficient minimisation of environmental impact linked to climate changes; Fabio Iraldo, management, innovation and environmental responsibility expert from the Bocconi University in Milan.

The following will be attending on behalf of FCA: Simone Cencetti – Head of Environment, Health and Safety Manufacturing EMEA and Global Coordination, Silvano Chiapino Manufacturing Engineering Energy, Building & General Services – EMEA and Global Coordination, Danilo Giraudo – Loss Prevention & Business Development Manager and Laura Viada, Sustainability Manager. Chairing the debate will be Antonella Mariotti, a journalist from La Stampa newspaper.

On 5th June, the first ever APP dedicated to Sustainability devised by FCA will be making its début on and on the Group’s social media pages. The app will be available for free download ( and is designed for use on tablets and smartphones, both Android and iOS. The App contains an interactive game – which is also available for PCs ( – dedicated to measuring the user’s level of awareness of and attention to how they consume one of the planet’s most precious resources, namely water.

The event on 5th June is the first in a series of appointments dedicated to the theme of sustainability which FCA will be promoting at Expo Milano 2015. Some will be open to the public, while others – owing to the specific nature of the topics covered – will be addressing industry experts. All the information is available in the section dedicated to sustainability on the website.

Turin, 4 June 2015

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