Five success stories for Fiat at Key Award and NC Digital Awards

Five success stories for Fiat at Key Award and NC Digital Awards

  • he first Fiat short movie “See you in the future” won the Key Award for the “Branded Entertainment/Storytelling” category, while “Missing parts”, the video tribute for International Women’s Day, won the “Social, institutional, public communication, educational campaign” category.
  • The “Missing parts” video also won the NC Digital Awards in the “Viral Video Advertising” category and, in the “Facebook” section, the “Best creativity” and “Best use of video” categories.
  • Now in their 49th edition, the Key Awards have been a point of reference for advertising shorts since 1987.
  • The NC Digital Awards are dedicated to the best digital communication and all devices in which it appears.

Great Fiat success in two events that took place on Tuesday in Milan: at the IULM auditorium, the 49th Key Award, and at the East End Studios, the NC Digital Awards. At the Key Award event, the brand triumphed in the Branded Entertainment/Storytelling category with the short movie “See you in the future”, the first Fiat short starring Oscar® winner Adrien Brody, and in the “Social, institutional, public communication, educational campaign” category with the “Missing parts” video.

The “Missing parts” video also won the NC Digital Awards in the “Viral Video Advertising” category, and in the “Facebook”, section the “Best creativity” and “Best use of video” categories. The video shows a Fiat 500 without all the innovations produced by female minds, showing the relationship between women and the motor world from a different perspective, and doing justice to the technical contributions of women while finding a creative way to thank them.

Two very different videos, therefore, sharing a novel, incisive style and a celebratory function: “See you in the future” premièred on 4th July to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Fiat 500, while “Missing parts” was released on Facebook and YouTube on 8th March, to celebrate International Women’s Day and thank all women for their contributions to the development of the car. The Fiat 500, the Italian icon which is the best selling car in nine European countries, and top three in seven more, was the star of both videos. This car for everyone, loved by everyone, sold 80% of total units abroad and continues to reap rewards in 2017, the significant year marking its 60th birthday.

“See you in the future”

Directed by Ago Panini for ad agency Leo Burnett, the video was produced by Movie Magic. It recorded nearly 19 million views, endearing audiences with its 500 heritage and 500 Anniversario, leading stars alongside Oscar® winning actor Adrien Brody. The story develops in Milan, the city of Italian design and style, in the Fifties, and plays on the contrasts between the past and the present. In the video, Adrien Brody is suddenly projected to a present-day context he does not know, giving rise to a number of hilarious misunderstandings with Italian actress Anna Manuelli. The link between the years of Dolce Vita and the present, is the Fiat 500, with its 60-year-long success story. The actress wears vintage clothes but she drives a brand new Fiat 500 Anniversario – the special celebratory series with new Verde Riviera bodywork, vintage Fiat logos, exclusive retro-look 16″ alloy wheels, chrome mirror caps.

The two young people enjoy a day in Milan together on board the new Fiat 500 Anniversario, in a mix of past and present, with a few amusing misunderstandings to underline the fact that they come from different eras. However, they share the same love for the Fiat 500, the icon that unites the generations with its style and timeless coolness. The short movie ends as Adrien Brody returns home. “See you again in the future, I hope”, he whispers. The final shot returns to the sofa and shows the actor waking up, leaving us in doubt about the distinction between past and present, and between dream and reality. The only certainty is that the 500 heritage and 500 Anniversario signify a timeless liaison and the leading characters in the history of the Fiat brand.

“Missing parts”

Commissioned by Fiat to the Fargofilm agency, the video celebrates International Women’s Day and offers an unconventional thank-you to the women whose inventions led the way for safer and more comfortable mobility. The video narrates the relationship between women and motors and does justice to the fundamental technical contributions of women. We could not drive without fuel, and fuel was made cleaner and safer by the mineral catalyst discoveries made by US chemist Edith Flanigen. A woman invented the heating system and we can be sure to reach our destination thanks to actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, whose studies were fundamental for perfecting the GPS. These women made it possible for us to enjoy practical, safe and comfortable cars.

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