The New Fiat 500 Collezione to model in Fashion Shows across Europe

The New Fiat 500 Collezione to model in Fashion Shows across Europe

  • The new Fiat 500 Collezione will be touring major European fashion capitals before heading to London, Berlin, Madrid and Paris.
  • Paying tribute to the timeless style of 500, the new Collezione special edition is modelling a splendid two-tone ‘Primavera’ outfit that announces that Spring is here.
  • The ironic ‘500 Collezione. Inspired by itself‘ advert is about to go live and show how fashionable the car is with its exclusive combinations of colours and materials, bespoke attention to detail and a cool and stylish personality.
  • Fiat 500, now in its eleventh year of life, has marked its best performance ever in Europe with over 58,000 cars sold in the first quarter 2018.

The exciting tour that will be taking the 500 Collezione special edition to the major European capitals is starting in Milan. The spotlight will be trained on the stylish model which not unlike a film star will be strutting its stuff on the red carpet for photographers, journalists and influencers to see.  The original journey dedicated to the latest edition to the Fiat line-up could only start the from Italy’s most fashionable city before heading off to London, Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Each of these glamorous and symbolic locations have unique particularities that make them international capitals of style, art and fashion.

The new 500 Collezione will be welcomed by Fiat 500 owners and the many official 500 Club members, who will be joined by Italian culture enthusiasts meeting up to see the charming new model that celebrates the timeless style and design of the 500, its proverbially iconic look and its personality that is always on-trend. The 500 is a timeless icon as confirmed by a unique result in the automotive world. In its eleventh year of life, it recorded its best performance ever in Europe with over 58,000 units sold in the first quarter 2018.

Its capability to command attention is also evoked in the ‘500 Collezione. Inspired by itself‘ advert which will soon air internationally. Madrid, one of the stops of the European tour, was chosen as the splendid setting for the film made by the Leo Burnett creative agency and directed by Laszlo Kadar. The ironic and original ad that will be broadcast internationally on the web and/or TV, according to the market depicts the 500 Collezione as a top model accustomed to appearing on the most famous runways worldwideWe see the elegant car with its smart two-tone livery fitted out with smartphones as modern-day replacements for the now obsolete film cameras on the streets of the Spanish capital and driven by a beautiful young model having activated the selfie function. Perfectly at ease as a diva, the 500 Collezione slowly turns into the director of the commercial emphasising its style details and finally decides that the final shot can forgo the young woman all together because the car is the real model of the show.  Not by chance, this is the perfect role for an authentic Italian masterpiece that has influenced fashion, society and habits for decades, as summed up by the words “Forever cult”.

Everything is set up and ready for the launch of this extraordinary car that in the best 500 style has a cool and stylish personality resulting from bespoke attention to detail and exclusive combinations of colours and materials.
Introduced in preview at the recent Geneva Motor Show, 500 Collezione is unmistakeably 500 and embodies all the features of one of the most famous Italian icons in the world, which for more than 60 years has been reinventing itself while remaining true to its values over time. This is the attitude of an authentic Italian masterpiece that has contaminated the automotive world becoming a source of inspiration for art, fashion and design.

Available both as a hatchback or an exclusive convertible, the 500 Collezione special edition features stylistic details which reflect a modern reworking of the unmistakable design signature of its great forerunner, with chrome trims on the front bumper, bonnet and mirror caps. It is also available in a selection of summery colour schemes, including the optional two-tone (white and grey) ‘Primavera’ and two-tone (white and green) ‘Acquamarina’ in addition to Taormina Ivory, as an alternative to Gelato White and ‘Blu dipinto di Blu’ all embellished with a trademark grey/white/grey all-around beauty line, and 16-inch alloy rims. Finally, a distinctive cursive chromed ‘Collezione’ badge prominently features on the tailgate.

The interiors have the same restrained yet irresistible elegance, with original design choices. The dashboard picks up the exterior paintwork – white for two-tone ‘Primavera’ and green for two-tone ‘Acquamarina’. The fresh colour theme continues inside with two-tone striped grey seats, ivory top and embroidered 500 logo.  The mats also feature an embroidered Collezione logo.

The new special edition offers the very best in connectivity technology. Available on demand is Uconnect 7″ HD LIVE infotainment system with integrated Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM functions and the navigator with Tom Tom maps. The technological options of the car include a 7-inch TFT display, which is the largest in its category, and a Beats Audio Hi-Fi system for music lovers. Finally, the special edition is available with all the engine versions offered on the 500 line-up.

Stylish, fashionable and technological, the 500 Collezione special edition is the most recent tribute to the iconic Fiat and follows in the steps of the limited editions released last year to celebrate its first 60 years. Not by chance, Fiat 500 has always been a trendsetter in its sector and while remaining very much true to itself and has often appeared with different but always exclusive looks. This is one of the secrets of its eternal youth. The most popular editions of the past 10 years include the 500C by Gucci, the 500 by Diesel, the 500 Riva and the more recent 500-60esimo and Anniversario dedicated to its 60th birthday. The new 500 Collezione is an imposing example of the best Italian-made traditional that still today wins over the world with elegance, style and actuality.


Turin, 19 April 2018

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