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New Panda Waze

Escape to new directions.

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Discover the experience with New Panda Waze, made possible by the integration of two global world-beater smartphone apps: Waze and «Panda Uconnect».
Waze is a navigator app that helps you avoid traffic jams, saving time during your journeys, exploiting information shared by its user community, offering better routes and “ways”. «Panda Uconnect» is an app that allows you to use your smartphone as an extension of your car’s infotainment.

Available for Android and iOS.

Waze: are you ready to log-in?

What if driving today were as fun and easy as using your favourite social networks?
With the Panda Uconnect app, you will automatically join Waze, the biggest community of motorists in the world. Imagine thousands of users sharing traffic information directly from their cars, suggesting the fastest routes on the less crowded roads in real time, with the added bonus of pointing you to the cheapest fuel stations nearby.

Available for Android and iOS.

Ready, steady... Party!

Capture the best moments of your trips. With the Panda Uconnect app, you can take photos and record videos inside the car or of the road directly from your mobile placed in the cradle.
With its two Parking and Driving modes, Panda Uconnect adapts its interface according to your driving speed. At speeds higher than 5 km/h you can take and save photos videos but you will not see them directly on the screen of your smartphone.
Because having fun while driving is great but you can't have too many distractions!

Forget nothing

Your wallet, your jacket, your umbrella? How often do you forget things in your car? The Object Reminder function of the Panda Uconnect app will send a notification to your smartphone if you forget something in the car.

Mopar®: a very special follower

With New Panda Waze you are never alone on the road and can get help whenever you need it. Mopar® Connect is the Panda Waze optional feature that guarantees assistance wherever you are.
What is more, with MY:REMOTE Control Service you can locate your parked car, open the doors remotely and be notified of movements and speed. Thanks to MY:CAR, MY:ASSISTANT and MY:REMOTE Control Service, you can check your car remotely; you know where you parked; you can receive live assistance and information on fuel level and tyre pressure, directly on your smartphone.

Try all the functions of Panda Uconnect now for Android!

Try all the functions of Panda Uconnect now for iOS!



New Panda Waze

New Panda Waze